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Video Business Card: the 2.0 business card

Do you know that elegant little piece of printed paper that we share with new people, that it’s supposed to tell everything about us in few centimeters, making strangers curious about us? Yes, we are talking about the business card. Probably in a printed form, with few differences from year to year.

Well, this is the news we are giving to you: forget the classic paper business cards, say welcome to the modern video format to show your professionalism, told through our videomaking know-how.

Keep reading to know more about it!

What is the Video Business Card?

Put paper aside and say hello to multimedia: we present you the new tool by Loading for your communication, the Video Business Card.

It’s a digital business card that combines the typical business card functions and the video communication impact: you are going to introduce yourself with your voice and your appeal, showing your customers your professional identity in a 30-second video.

A real upgraded business card that not only lets you introduce yourself with a smile, but also keeps you doing your marketing activities despite closings and travel restrictions.

Video Business Card by Loading

Video Business Card for Enrico Lomoro,
Vice president of Sales Neolife Italia

Video Business Card’s benefits

Undoubtedly, the video format has succeeded as the most used format in the last few years; it is also considered the most profitable one talking about marketing. Numbers say that:

  • for the 95% of marketing experts, videos efficiently break through the target’s attention wall;

  • the 83% of marketers claims that videos helped them to generate lead;

  • the 79% of users purchase softwares and apps after watching videos showing them;

  • the 57% of users claims that videos are far more reliable for remote purchasing;

But Loading is not only about numbers: our experience as video production professionals and presentation tools users guided us during the ideation of the Video Business Card. We felt the need – in this period of remote connections – to design a new meaning and a new tool, fast and user friendly, for professional introduction of business people.

We conceived the Video Business Card with the clear aim of helping companies selling more, introducing themselves better through their skills, and combining the need of relationships with the clients with the recent restrictions that forced many companies to review their one-to-one marketing strategies.

The Video Business Card not only lets you show your identity, but also your workplace, saving time on any possible travel and getting in a short time to contributors and clients.

When we first conceived it, we also thought about its strategic function as ideal gift for deserving distributors of network marketing companies: it’s a possible recognition for reaching sale goals that helps them ever more in their job.

Lastly, thanks to a specific format, you can easily send it through the most used social media platforms (Whatsapp, Linkedin, Facebook, Telegram, …) and reach in real time current and future customers.

How does the Video Business Card work?

We talked about marketing, sales, presentations, advantages… but how can you get it?

The first step is getting in touch with us through this form. You will then receive our technical instructions to record your Video Business Card. This is an additional original element: besides the format, the making of itself makes the Video Business Card a smart tool available to all professionals.

It will be up to you to record the video, together with your voice and other elements of your choice. Through our suggestions, we will help you record the video, suggesting you the proper frame, light and background.

We will edit the recorded video afterwards in order to make a final product that can reflect your professionalism, your values and your professional skills. Your personal brand identity.

Now it’s up to you!

To find all the information about the Video Business Card, together with the form you will fill in to be contacted, just click here.

We are ready to make available our know-how… you are one step away from your new image!

Choose the best frame!
Video Business Card by Loading – Neolife Italia

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